Looking for a new job

Thinking about changing careers?

See the changing careers topic for more information, guidance and resources

In order to get get job ready and plan your next steps in finding work, it can help to:

There are several online tools to help you get a clearer picture of what that next job could be, including:

  • Workforce Australia has information and tools to help you plan your next career move
  • myfuture, an Australian Government resource where you list all your interests, skills, education and training experience to build a career profile and employment roadmap.

You could also consider volunteering. It provides a chance to take on new experiences as well as give something back to the wider community. It can also lead to possible job offers; either directly or through referrals and contacts.

Keeping in touch
Former work colleagues can be helpful if you're thinking of a career change. Their contacts and network may reveal opportunities that you are not aware of.