How to get job-ready

Preparing to rejoin the workforce after finding yourself unemployed can involve several tasks that you may be unfamiliar with. These could include:

Job Jumpstart

Job Jumpstart provides resources and activities to help you work out what jobs might suit your skills and experiences.

It combines information on employment planning and recruitment insights from Australian employers.

The site aims to help job seekers, no matter their life stage, better understand how to:

  • build work experience and skills to boost the chances of getting a job
  • investigate career options
  • connect with employers.

Writing a resume and cover letter

A cover letter and resume (or CV) are your first opportunity to make a good impression with recruiters and employers.

Even if your work experience is limited, a poorly presented or badly written resume could make it more difficult to progress your application or get an interview. 

The Australian Government's Workforce Australia website has resources to help you get job-ready, including:

  • information on how to write a resume and cover letter, as well as suggested examples
  • tips on getting your job application right.

Interviewing tips

Job interviews can be stressful. Practising your interview technique beforehand can:

  • help reduce any nerves or anxiety
  • boost your confidence of performing as well as you can
  • highlight gaps in your knowledge so you can be as fully prepared as possible.

Another important pre-interview task is to research the company you're looking to join. 

If you do this, you'll have information to relate specific to the company and the role, which can show a future employer you have initiative and enthusiasm.

It could improve your chances of succeeding or at least advancing to the next stage of the recruitment process.

As for the interview, there are common questions that are often asked. Prepare your answers in advance and practise out loud how you’d respond.