Getting ready to go back to work

Having and caring for young children is a common reason for a career break, but it’s far from the only one. Other scenarios could include:

  • caring for a sick parent, family member or dealing with your own illness
  • returning to full-time education
  • undertaking a volunteer stint
  • embracing a long-held passion or hobby

A career break, for whatever reason, can see a re-energised person return. But it might take some thought and planning beforehand to get you in the best shape - mentally and physically - for that first day back.

If it's been a parental leave break, there will also be child care to sort out and possibly a re-evaluation of your work-life balance.

Plus, there could be the chance during any absence of not having kept up with:

  • industry trends
  • changes within your organisation
  • workplace skills and learning

Keeping up to date during a career break

There are several activities you can engage in to ensure you stay abreast of things before returning to work, including:

  • following or connecting with industry experts on LinkedIn or other social media
  • joining an association or professional body related to your career
  • networking at conferences or meetups
  • maintaining a relationship with your peers, like attending the occasional social event