Inspecting a home

To avoid problems and extra costs later on, you should know as much as you can about the condition of a home before you buy it.

Attending inspections

You can usually take an online, virtual tour to see if a home is right for you before inspecting it in person.

If you do attend an inspection in person, make sure you have a thorough look at the home to identify defects as well as stand-out features. 

As most inspections are quick, make the most of your time by noting things, such as:

  • the general condition and age of the home
  • fixtures and fittings such as air conditioners or carpet
  • storage space
  • car parks or garages
  • proximity to public transport or other facilities like schools
  • orientation of the home and natural light

It can be daunting taking in everything during one inspection. Fortunately, most homes have multiple open inspections which you can go to. 

Further visits will give you a chance to check if repairs are needed and for signs of any structural problems.