Get financial and legal support after a flood

Damage from storms and floods can have a big impact on your finances, housing situation and job.

If you've been affected, you may want to get legal advice about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to:

  • insurance
  • repairs and rebuilding
  • tenancy
  • your workplace
  • financial hardship

On this page you'll find information on:

Financial support

There are different types of financial support available if you’ve been affected by floods.

Some types are always available for people who've been affected by a crisis. Other types of support will be created specifically for the natural disaster shortly after it happens.

You may want to regularly check what type of support is available. It can change quickly in the days and weeks after a natural disaster, as more types of payments and grants are created.

There is financial assistance available for those in NSW affected by severe weather and flooding from 22 February 2022 onwards.

There are also other payments you may be eligible for, depending on your personal situation. This includes:

  • Crisis Payment – one-off payment if you are in severe financial hardship due to natural disaster not covered by a disaster relief payment
  • Carer Adjustment Payment – one-off payment if your child under 7 gets a severe illness or major disability due to a catastrophic event
  • Crisis Payment for Other Extreme Circumstances – up to 4 payments in a 12-month period if you’ve had to change where you live due to an extreme circumstance, including floods

You may also be able to get financial help through your insurance policy. Learn more about how to make an insurance claim.

Early access to your superannuation

You may be able to access your superannuation early if you’re experiencing financial hardship due to floods and severe weather. 

It can be a good idea to contact a financial adviser before making any decisions. They can help with:

  • understanding your options
  • understanding how it will affect your long-term financial future
  • how to apply
  • other expenses you have, such as housing and bills

Legal support

You may need legal help after a natural disaster.

This can include legal information and services related to:

  • insurance claims, complaints and dispute resolution
  • financial hardship, debts and unpaid fines
  • your rights at work
  • replacing family law documents

Many of these services are free to access.