Affordable housing

Affordable housing is for people on very low to moderate incomes. Unlike community housing, this type of accommodation is not social housing. 

You might need to live in affordable housing because of a change in your life such as losing a job or if your income isn't high enough to pay rent in the area where you live or work.

In most situations, charities, not for profit or community organisations manage affordable housing. The affordable housing managers are responsible for:

  • setting the price of rent
  • reviewing rental applications
  • renting out affordable homes
  • collecting rent
  • maintaining homes

The rent for affordable housing is priced so you can meet your other living costs such as food, clothing, transport, medical and education.

What you pay in rent can vary, but as a guide, it's generally worked out a few ways including:

  • up to 25% below the price of similar homes in the area you're looking to rent, or
  • set at no more than 30% of your income before tax