Get professional advice

Ensuring your will is valid and covers all that's needed can be complicated and stressful. This page explains the benefits of obtaining legal advice from NSW Trustee & Guardian or the Law Society of NSW.

While you can prepare a will yourself, it's strongly recommended to get professional help. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • that the words you use in everyday life may not have the same meaning when documented in a will
  • uncertainty as to what assets can and can't be given away in a will

Having a will prepared professionally could save your estate much higher legal fees if your will is contested or has to be interpreted by a court

Getting professional help in drafting your will can ensure it:

  • fully represents your wishes 
  • is clear and unambiguous
  • includes your nominated executor and guardian
  • takes into account any complex legal, financial and taxation issues
  • is legally valid and signed correctly