Make changes to your current work

As you approach retirement, you may want to think about making changes at work to make the transition easier. This can involve: 

  • going part time or reducing your hours
  • taking on more work in your current job 
  • taking on an additional job

Reducing your hours

You can make a gradual transition to retirement by going part time with your job.

Going part time can involve working less or changing your role to better suit flexible work. 

If you're thinking about reducing your hours:

  • talk to your employer about your options
  • talk to your family
  • make a financial plan

Increasing your take home pay

If you want to boost your pay before retiring, you could do this by:

  • taking on extra hours at your current work
  • looking for extra work outside of your regular job
  • asking for a pay rise

Before taking on extra hours or a second job, consider:

Accessing your superannuation while working

If you're reducing your work hours but don't want to reduce income, you might be able to access your superannuation while you're working.  

A Transition to Retirement Pension can be used to top up your employment income if you decide to reduce your work hours. 

To access a Transition to Retirement Pension you need to: 

It’s important to be aware that drawing on your superannuation while you’re still working will mean less money when you retire.