Finding paid work

    You may choose to supplement a pension or other income with paid work after retiring. Apart from extra funds, other benefits include:

    • greater social connections
    • the chance to try something new
    • the chance to pass on existing skills

    However, the number of hours worked can impact your Age Pension and superannuation entitlements. Conditions vary depending on your circumstances and age, so for more information, check with:

    • your financial adviser or super fund manager
    • the Australian Taxation Office, as you may be eligible for tax and superannuation offsets on money earned when retired
    • the Department of Social Services to learn how Age Pension rules provide incentives for part-time or casual work

    Different types of work in retirement

    With increasing employment options for more casual and flexible working arrangements, there are opportunities to find or create your own job after retiring. These roles could include:

    • semi or regular part-time hours
    • a freelance consultancy based on your past experience
    • be at call (like special event roles)
    • temp, agency or seasonal work
    • casual or shift work

    Re-entering the workforce

    Most roles will be advertised online. There are also specialist recruitment agencies like CoAct, a government funded partnership helping mature-age workers across Australia to re-enter the job market.

    You can also look at options closer to your home like job boards, community organisations, word of mouth referrals and simply approaching employers directly.

    For more information, JobSearch has a blog and resource centre with hints and tips on:

    • searching for roles specific to older employees
    • best-practice CV writing
    • preparing for an interview, and more