Voucher programs

There are voucher programs that can help pay for the cost of of extra-curricular activities related to the creative arts, and sports and recreation.

Creative Kids

The Creative Kids program is a one-off voucher payment to eligible parents and carers of up to $100 per calendar year.

The voucher can be used with a registered provider to pay for a range of activities, covering:

  • creative arts
  • drama and dance
  • digital design and coding
  • music lessons

Active Kids

The Active Kids program provides two $100 vouchers for parents and carers of children enrolled in school to use towards sport and recreation costs each year.

The first voucher is available from 1 January, and the second voucher is available from 1 July. Both expire on 31 December.

Vouchers can be used to cover costs related to:

  • registration
  • membership and participation
  • swimming lessons

They cannot be used for clothing or equipment purchases, nor for travel to and from the venue where the activity or competition takes place.