Transition to primary school

School readiness is more than being able to read, write and do basic maths. Rather, it’s as much about developing a child’s:

  • social and emotional skills to get along with others
  • physical capabilities, like improving hand/eye coordination, performing more complex craft activities
  • communication and cognitive abilities to follow instructions and express their needs

From preschool to kindergarten

Preschools can play a big part in developing school readiness. At preschool your child can learn through play, make friends, and develop responsibility, independence and confidence. 

Additionally, most primary schools offer a transition program. This might be several sessions a week over several weeks or a full term in the lead up to them starting school. Check while enrolling what and when any transition programs are held. 

Transition type programs can often help future students:

  • feel more confident about the step up to primary school
  • make new friends and expand their social interaction skills
  • become more familiar and comfortable with new surroundings and routines