Getting support

Recovering from an injury can be more than physical. It can also mean dealing with:

  • changes to how you live and work
  • mental health concerns
  • legal issues

Help at home

If you need help at home because of your injury, there are different services you may be eligible for, including:

  • Meals on Wheels delivers food to your home, and caters for differences in diet, culture and medical conditions
  • My Aged Care provides cleaning, meal preparation, home modifications and personal care to older people
  • Veterans’ Home Care provides help to eligible veterans with cleaning, washing and ironing, personal care and home modifications

Additionally, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has information about domestic services and home maintenance help if you've been injured in a motor accident.

Call SIRA'S CTP Assist on 1300 656 919 for more details.

    Living with a serious injury can be isolating. Red Cross offers social connection programs for those not in regular contact with other people.

    They help you connect to your community, and can include:

    • in-home visits
    • outings to cafes, sporting events and other places of interest
    • social phone calls
    • taking part in community interest groups