If your baby has a disability

You can call Parent Line NSW on 1300 1300 52 for information and help accessing services. They also provide support and counselling to help you understand and manage your child’s diagnosis.

A disability can be present from birth or develop after birth, and includes:

  • physical disability
  • intellectual disability
  • visual disability
  • hearing disability.

Getting a diagnosis

A disability can take time to identify and diagnose. 

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible if you’re concerned about your baby’s health or development. 

Early diagnosis may prevent a condition becoming more serious, as your baby can get the medical help and additional support they need.

It’s important to:

  • take your baby for their regular health checks, so that delays in their development or learning can be detected early
  • keep track of your baby’s development and help them learn key life skills
  • talk to your local doctor or child and family health nurse if you have any concerns about your baby
  • get a second medical opinion if necessary.

Getting support

As well as the usual parenting challenges, those who have a baby with disability will also want to consider:

You can also learn more about parenting a child with disability at Raising Children.