Creating healthy habits

Children will find it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle if they get into good habits as early as possible. This includes:

  • finding the right balance between eating healthy foods and other types of foods
  • being active each day
  • limiting screen time.

It’s normal for children to not want to eat certain foods, or to refuse to try new foods.

This is often referred to as being a fussy eater.

There are things you can do to encourage your child to try new foods and develop healthy eating habits, including:

  • starting a mealtime routine
  • involving your child in meal planning and preparation
  • setting an example by eating a range of healthy foods yourself.

Dental health

Dental health is important for your child's general health and wellbeing. Early childhood is the best time to learn habits to last a lifetime and help them become healthy adults.  

You can help keep your child’s mouth, teeth and gums healthy by:

  • brushing teeth morning and night
  • limiting sweetened snacks and drinks to special occasions
  • going to regular dental check-ups.

All children under 18 living in NSW can get free public dental services.

Some Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Centres offer dental care. Contact your local health centre to find out more.

Your child may also be eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule dental program. Learn more about getting help with health care costs.