Supporting your child's development

Talk to your local doctor or child and family health nurse if you’re concerned about your child’s growth and development

Development refers to how your child:

  • grows physically
  • develops emotionally
  • learns to think
  • learns to communicate
  • learns to socialise.

Every child develops at their own rate. Not every child will reach a development milestone at the same age.

However, it’s important to be aware of key milestones and keep track of your own child’s development. There are websites and apps that can help, including:

  • Learn the Signs Act Early  checklist of what most children can do by age group and the early signs to be aware of that may indicate your child’s development is not on track. These tools are available in the blue book and should be completed before each health check
  • Bright Tomorrows  helps with the development of key life skills during everyday activities
  • Learning through play – fun and educational activity ideas for you to try with your child at home that can help their development
  • Deadly Tots  information and resources for Aboriginal families to help their child learn and grow.

The Raising Children website also has information and resources to help you understand and support the development of your: