Get a death certificate

A death certificate is the official record of a death and can be used as proof of death, and proof of a relationship to someone who has died.

A death certificate is important for:

  • transferring or cancelling services
  • administering a will

Your funeral director will usually apply for you when they register the death.

What's on a death certificate?

Death certificates record details of the person who died, including:

  • their name
  • the cause of death
  • the names of their legal spouses
  • the names and ages of their children
  • the place of birth
  • the place of death
  • the final resting place

Extract death certificate

An extract death certificate is an official certified copy of part of the information held on the death register. It can be issued with or without the cause of death.

The extract may not be accepted by some organisations due to the limited information it contains.