Get support

It’s common for people to get support with grief or finances when someone close to them has died.

Because we all deal with grief in our own way, and in our own time, the desire to reach out for support can be instant, ongoing or delayed.

It's okay to seek help at any time.

Grief support can involve different professionals in a variety of settings. There is no one fixed course of action as each specialist you might engage can offer different tips, tools, information and coping strategies to get you through the period.

Costs vary depending on the service used, and for how long. Some services are free and some might cost you less if you get a referral from your regular doctor (GP).

In addition, there is a range of specialised support services to help deal with grief, depending on:

  • your age and cultural demographics
  • your family situation, or
  • how the person died.

Another pressure that may arise following a death is financial. There are several government agencies and subsidies that could provide help, along with legislative options, depending on your circumstances.