Grief support

Grief support services can help people to understand and process the death of someone close to them. 

Getting grief support can involve talking to a: 

  • psychologist
  • grief counsellor 
  • psychiatrist 
  • support group with someone who has had a similar experience 

You can access these services in different ways, including through:

  • one-on-one counselling
  • support groups
  • online or telephone support

Your GP (General Practitioner) can give you care and advice about grief support. They can also refer you to specialist services if you need them.

For an overview of these services, see the Centre for Grief and Bereavement.

Specialised support services 

It can help to talk to people who understand more about your situation. These organisations offer specialised information and support for: 

Aboriginal families and communities can access support through Aboriginal Health Units. Contact your local Aboriginal Health Unit through your local hospital or health services.

How much do grief support services cost? 

Grief services set their own prices, so how much you pay will depend on where you go and what kind of service you use.

While some services are free, many services charge a fee. Seeing a mental health professional with a referral letter and as part of a Mental Health Care Plan can reduce how much you pay for services with psychologists and psychiatrists.