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Boating handbook

The NSW Boating Handbook (Jan 2021) is your practical and essential guide to safe and responsible boating on NSW waterways. Here's how to get a copy.
Coastal bar image from the NSW Boating Handbook

Inflatable lifejacket self-service clinics

Servicing your inflatable lifejacket is a legal requirement in NSW. Transport for NSW offers step-by-step instructions on how to do it yourself.
Lifejacket user inflating lifejacket

Safety education program

Our boating educators work with the community to encourage safe boating journeys in NSW.
Children in boating safety class.

Before you go boating

From weather conditions and maintaining your vessel, to knowing the rules and having the right equipment – be ready for a safe day on the water.
Boat being driven on a trailer

Boating and personal watercraft quiz

The boating knowledge test questions and online quiz can help you practice for the general boating or personal watercraft licence test.
Boat parked off-shore by sandy beach

Boating licence documents and forms

The Boating Licence Practical Logbook and the Boating Handbook will guide you on safe and responsible boating in NSW.
Two men working together in front of a laptop on a boat.

Related apps

Marine Rescue NSW app icon

Marine Rescue NSW

Marine Rescue NSW is the State’s official volunteer marine rescue service. The Marine Rescue App allows you to register details of your next boating trip.

Deckee app icon


Stay safe and informed on the water. Get official alerts and information from maritime authorities. Explore crowdsourced reports from the boating community. Check the weather conditions and forecasts near you. 

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