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Family and relationships

Apply for a birth, death or marriage certificate, research your family history, and get information on relationships and parenting.

Step-by-step guides

Having children

Information about having a baby, fostering or adopting a child and pregnancy and birth care.

Getting married

Find out how to get married in NSW, how much it costs and services the NSW Government can provide.

Getting a divorce

There are many considerations in divorce. Find emotional, financial and legal support services.



Register your baby, apply for a birth certificate or buy a commemorative certificate to capture the joy of a special birthday.

Name changes and corrections

Request changes or corrections to the information on a registration or certificate issued by the Registry.


What you need to provide to a funeral director so they can register a death. Request a beneficiaries search (section 50).

Relationships register

Register your relationship and find out about your rights and legal status as a de facto partner.


Book your wedding at the Registry, apply for a marriage certificate or buy a commemorative certificate to mark your special day.

Single status certificate

Apply for a single status certificate to certify you have not been married in NSW during a specified period.

Family history search

Free ancestry searches of NSW births, deaths and marriages dating back to 1788. Request searches and certificates for an adopted person and their parents.
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