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A simpler more modern life for community scheme residents

Published: 16 March 2021
Released by: Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation

The NSW Government has introduced a raft of new laws to make life easier for people living in community schemes in NSW.

Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson said the passage of the Community Land Management Bill 2020 is the biggest shake-up of community scheme laws in decades.

“In 1989, NSW was the first jurisdiction in the world to introduce community schemes legislation as an alternative to strata, allowing shared property in a land subdivision,” Mr Anderson said.

“Since then this unique way of living has really taken off to the point where there are thousands of people currently living in nearly 3000 community, precinct and neighbourhood schemes registered in NSW.

“Community schemes range from regional settings with shared dams and communal agricultural land, to large residential communities with private roads, high security and extensive recreational facilities such as swimming pools, marinas and golf courses.

“These schemes are modern, 21st Century communities that until now were being administered under obsolete, 20th Century legislation.

“Our new laws have cut through a mountain of red tape to modernise these schemes, improve transparency and accountability in the way they are managed and create a safer and stronger NSW.

“For example, these changes set out an association’s obligations to repair and maintain shared property, simplify dispute resolution and encourage democratic participation of owners in their communities by replacing the requirement to meet and vote in person with the ability to communicate via methods such as email, video or teleconferencing.

“These reforms are the final stage in our comprehensive update of the legislation for community scheme living and conclude a decade-long review into the Act.”

The reforms are expected to commence in September 2021.

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