Barilaro's call: get out for the drought

Published: 7 Dec 2018

Released by: Deputy Premier

The Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional NSW, Small Business and Skills John Barilaro today called for city dwellers to spend a weekend in regional NSW to help support regional businesses and communities that are feeling the effects of drought.

Mr Barilaro said it is one of the simplest and most meaningful ways people in the city can support regional towns and cities.

“My callout today is this – it’s a simple callout: Get out for the drought,” Mr Barilaro told Parliament House during Question Time today.

“Even though we are in drought, our cafes are still brewing coffee, our shops are still open, we are still in business.

“Some of the most beautiful iconic experiences are there ready for you to enjoy today.

“Support our businesses by getting out and spending some money in our regions.

“When you spend that money in a café, that money goes around that community. It means employment remains, jobs remain.

“Our servos would love you driving by. Our cafes would love you to have brekkie with some locals. Our accommodation houses, our hotels would love to have you stay, and I tell you this, you’ll get that country hospitality each and every time,” he told the chamber.

Mr Barilaro also acknowledged the enormous fundraising efforts and generous donations that have already been made by members of the public, community groups and the corporate sector in response to the crippling drought.

“As a government we have already announced over $1 billion in drought relief measures for our farmers, but we all know governments can only do so much, and at a time like this, it’s not just farmers that are hurting, it’s business owners and entire communities,” Mr Barilaro said.

“As sad as this drought has been, it’s also brought out the best in people, as we rally to help and show our compassion for people who are clearly hurting.

“So, if you get the chance, please, get out for the drought, and spend some time, and some money in our regional areas.

“You might just be surprised what regional NSW has to offer,” he said.

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