Councillor committees for new stronger councils

Published: 4 Oct 2016

Released by: The Premier

Mayors and councillors of councils that have been merged to create new, stronger councils will have the opportunity to serve the community on newly established local committees, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Local Government Paul Toole said today.

“The knowledge, skills and experience of existing mayors and councillors will be an enormous asset to the new councils that will begin operation today,” Mr Baird said.

“Councillors who have shown a commitment to making the new council a success will have the opportunity to get involved.

“The NSW Government is committed to the successful implementation of new councils and central to this is local knowledge and representation.

“Mayors and councillors selected by administrators to be on these committees will continue to be paid at the same level, in recognition of their efforts and dedication to shaping the future of the those new councils.”

Mr Toole said the successful Expression of Interest process run by the Government had given administrators a running start in setting up these groups. Administrators will be in contact with mayors and councillors in the coming weeks.

“The Implementation Advisory Group will play a key role in making the new council a success by bringing together expertise from the former councils to advise the administrator on how best to bring the council systems and staff together,” Mr Toole said.

At least two representatives from each former council areas will be appointed to the IAG. Each former council area will also have a Local Representation Committee made up of former councillors and other local representatives where appropriate.

“The Local Representation Committees will be established by the independent administrator in each new council and provide an opportunity for councillors to serve the interests of their communities until the election next year,” Mr Toole said

“These interim governance arrangements have been put in place to ensure effective implementation and continued local representation until local government elections are held in September 2017.”

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