Creative Ageing Framework a work of art

Published: 6 Apr 2021

Painting for people living with dementia is one program highlighted in the NSW Government’s new framework to help boost health and wellbeing for older people.

Minister for Seniors Geoff Lee said the NSW Creative Ageing Framework promotes productive ageing and healthy lifestyles by tapping into seniors’ creativity.

“We’re encouraging seniors to undertake creative pursuits as a way to challenge themselves, stay socially connected and embrace lifelong learning,” Mr Lee said. 

“Whether it be joining a library, storytelling, painting, dancing or using digital media, creative activities like these help keep us mentally and physically healthy”.

Minister for the Arts Don Harwin said the framework assists with partnerships between the arts and culture sector and organisations that support older people.

“We want to connect seniors to the bold, rich and diverse experiences that can be enjoyed by audiences and participants of programs within the arts and culture sector,” Mr Harwin said.

“The framework will also raise awareness of the benefits of creative ageing programs and highlight the contributions of older artists”.

The Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MCA) creative ageing program ‘Artful’, aims to empower people living with dementia – the greatest cause of disability in Australians aged over 65 – by creating life-enriching experiences.

“Meaningfully engaging people living with dementia with contemporary art encourages mental and physical stimulation and self-expression,” MCA Director, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE, said.

The Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing (MACA) helped develop the framework and said it’s a timely addition amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Depression and loneliness are two of the biggest risk factors in older people’s lives, and we commend the NSW Government on this initiative,” MACA Chair, Kathryn Greiner AO, said.

The framework is a key initiative of the Ageing Well in NSW: Seniors Strategy 2021–2031. Find out more about the framework.

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