Electronic registration mandate takes effect

Published: 23 Nov 2020

Released by: Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government, Minister for Customer Service

Venues must use electronic registration systems such as QR codes to record the names and contact details of patrons, or risk serious penalties, under new COVID-19 rules.


Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said electronic registrations are easy to use and will help authorities with rapid contact tracing in the event a case attended a venue while potentially infectious. 
“Businesses have had long enough to get their houses in order. With summer fast approaching we must remain vigilant,” Mr Dominello said. 
“Digital systems are contactless and safer to use, and allow NSW Health to respond faster to outbreaks. Inspectors will be out in the community enforcing compliance and will crack down on wrongdoing.  
“So far more almost 22,000 businesses have used a NSW Government QR code and 94 per cent of customers have given the COVID Safe Check In the thumbs up.” 
Scanning a NSW Government QR code captures the business name, address and the customer’s contact details. The information is securely stored for 28 days for the sole purpose of contact tracing and can be instantly accessed by NSW Health if needed. After this time, it will be destroyed. 
For customers who do not have access to a smartphone, venues should record their contact details and time of entry using an electronic device. If there is an internet outage, venues can record the necessary contact details manually and then enter them electronically, for example into a spreadsheet such as Excel. 
Mr Dominello also said customers can now use the Service NSW app to check in and check out when they next head to a café, restaurant or COVID Safe-registered business displaying a NSW Government QR code. 
“The ‘Check Out’ functionality is a voluntary process that gives customers an extra layer of reassurance by capturing the time spent at a business,” Mr Dominello said. 
“Customers simply need to select ‘Check Out Now’ when they’re leaving the premises, to record the date and time they left in the Service NSW app. This will help authorities to identify people who may have been exposed to a case with more precision.” 

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