G-Loop delivers for Western Sydney motorists

Published: 27 Jan 2017

From tomorrow, congestion busting relief and easier access to the M4 will become a reality for thousands of Western Sydney motorists, thanks to the opening of the new “G-Loop” or access ramp at Homebush.

The ramp is the first section of the M4 Widening project to open up to motorists as part of WestConnex.

Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher said the new ramp will allow motorists heading west from Homebush Bay Drive via the M4 to bypass traffic lights and enjoy a seamless new connection to the motorway.

“Currently, motorists coming from Homebush Bay Drive wanting to access the M4 Motorway to travel west have to turn right via traffic lights which can cause traffic to back up for long delays,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The removal of traffic lights means northbound traffic travelling from Centenary Drive to the M4 westbound will also experience a faster and free flowing left turn onto the M4.

“This is a win-win for motorists, with congestion eased for westbound M4 traffic from both directions on Homebush Bay Drive and Centenary Drive.”

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said: “We said we were going to fix congestion on key arterial roads in Western Sydney and we said we were going to build WestConnex – this is an example of us getting on with the job of doing both.

“This ramp will make a massive difference for Western Sydney residents who get stuck at this bottleneck every day, along with those who suffer long traffic delays after attending sporting events at ANZ and Spotless Stadiums.

“And it only gets better from here - the full benefits of the G-Loop will be realised when a widened M4 opens to traffic in mid-2017.

“By 2019, it will connect to the M4 East twin underground tunnels, three lanes in each direction, from Homebush to Haberfield.

“The M4 is currently congested for around 13 hours a day and that is not good enough, this Government is about getting Sydney motorists moving again.

“WestConnex is simple: we’re widening and upgrading the M4, building a New M5 and joining them to create a free-flowing 33 kilometre motorway loop and two thirds of this will be in underground tunnels.”

Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said when the G-Loop ramp opens to traffic tomorrow drivers will need to adjust to the changed traffic conditions.

“Drivers will need to make sure they are in the far left-hand lane on Homebush Bay Drive, in order to access the new G-loop configuration which allows motorists to flow directly onto the M4 Westbound without stopping at the previous lights.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure drivers are aware of the changes and in the initial stages people will need to keep an eye out for electronic signage advising of the changed conditions to ensure a smooth journey.”

The G-Loop is part of the WestConnex $500 million M4 Widening project which will widen the M4 from three to four lanes for eight kilometres in each direction between Parramatta and Homebush and cut travel times for more than 100,000 motorists who use the M4 every day.

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