Garlo’s cooks up more jobs

Published: 20 Sep 2017

Released by: The Premier

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has today officially opened Garlo’s Pies new head office, bakery and cafe at Kingsgrove.

The family run business moved to the new site, after its old facility at St Peters was acquired for WestConnex.

“Garlo’s Pies is an example of a business which has turned the relocation into a positive,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“As a result of the move, Garlo’s has been able to expand and employ six more people to work at its new facility.

“The NSW Government is building the infrastructure that’s desperately needed across the State.

“It is inevitably going to cause some displacement, but we have ensured home and business owners a fair go.”

Garlo’s Pies old head office and bakery at St Peters was compulsorily acquired by the RMS in 2016.

“Moving is never ideal, but we understand why it had to happen,” Garlo’s co-founder and Managing Director Sean Garlick said.

“At the end of the day we are now in a better position here at Kingsgove than we were at the old facility at St Peters.

“I can’t thank the RMS enough for being very helpful throughout our relocation process.”

Garlo’s started as one small shop in Maroubra in 2001 producing about 200 pies a day.

This NSW success story has grown to employ 57 people. It now produces 35,000 pies a day and exports around the world.

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