Local Government Authorities (LGA) Arts And Cultural Program recipients announced

Published: 15 Sep 2020

The Local Government Authorities (LGA) Arts and Cultural Program will provide more than $6.6 million in total funding to councils across NSW to support the delivery of activities over the next three years. 


Minister for the Arts Don Harwin said 29 LGAs will benefit from over $3 million in funding in 2020/21 under the program designed to support Local Government deliver exceptional arts and cultural programs across the state, including 19 councils in regional NSW and 8 in Western Sydney.

“Our Local Government museums, galleries and performing art spaces are the lifeblood of the community, and with this in mind, last year we set out to develop new opportunities that better support arts and cultural programs in a wider range of regional NSW and Western Sydney areas.

“The arts make a vital contribution to the liveability of our communities and enjoyment of our everyday lives, and through this funding councils around our state will be supported by the NSW Government to deliver their incredible cultural offerings.

“The NSW Government is committed to supporting and strengthening arts and cultural activity – we know it drives community, improves wellbeing, provides employment, and more broadly benefits the many in NSW, which is particularly important for those impacted by this year’s unprecedented events.

“In the first year of the program, councils in regional NSW will receive over 50 per cent of the total LGA funding for 2020/21,” said Mr Harwin.

Focusing on excellence in arts and cultural outcomes for the communities of NSW, LGAs have been funded for one, two, or three years dependent on the merit and impact for each year of activity. Opportunities to apply for future years will occur on an annual basis.

Funding will cover a variety of arts and cultural activities including the creation of new works, exhibitions, publishing and recording, and conservation or development of collections and equipment purchases.

A full list of the LGA funding recipients is available online.

Local Government Arts and Cultural Program funding opportunities for programs starting in 2021/22 will open in late 2020. For more information on the funding programs, visit Create NSW.

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