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Media statement

Published: 16 September 2020
Released by: Deputy Premier

Today Labor has lived up to its reputation as a Party with no more to offer than ineffectual and hypocritical political stunts. 

Labor’s motion of no confidence has predictably failed.

Labor accuses the NSW Government of misjudging priorities, but today Labor is guilty of the very thing they accuse us of, trying to create instability and wasting everyone’s time. 

This is staggering considering the Labor party has no koala planning policy of its own – the Leader of the Opposition openly admitted earlier this week that Labor would only disclose its policy closer to the election. 

The NSW Liberal and Nationals Government is strong; this Parliament has shown confidence in me and I am proud to have 100 per cent support. 

My priority is the people of regional NSW and it is their confidence in me, and their confidence in my National Party colleagues, which matters most. 

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