Statement from the NSW Premier

Published: 10 Sep 2020

A government serving the people of NSW must respect Cabinet and parliamentary processes.


This is more important now than ever before given the challenges facing our citizens.

I have already made clear to the Deputy Premier that his policy concerns are listed for discussion at an upcoming Cabinet meeting and will be considered by the Joint Party Room.

It is long established convention that members of Cabinet must support government legislation.

It is not possible to be the Deputy Premier or a Minister of the Crown and sit on the crossbench.

I am and always have been a strong Coalitionist and deeply respect the National Party and all it stands for.

It is my strong preference that existing Coalition arrangements stay in place.

However, I have just made it clear to the Deputy Premier that he and his Nationals colleagues who are members of the NSW Cabinet have until 9am Friday 11 September to indicate to me whether they wish to remain in my Cabinet or else sit on the crossbench.

They cannot do both.

If required, I will attend Government House tomorrow and swear in a new Ministry.

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