Statement regarding John Sidoti 5 March 2021

Published: 12 Sep 2019

I believe the public’s confidence in the integrity of government decision making is absolutely paramount.

That is why today I have asked the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet to conduct a review into allegations that have been made regarding Minister Sidoti’s disclosures and other obligations as a Minister.

I regard Mr Sidoti as a hard working MP and Minister and note he has given strong assurances that he has acted appropriately at all times.

I believe the Secretary’s independent review is important to ensure there is ongoing public confidence in these matters.

With that in mind, I have asked the Secretary to undertake an urgent review of:

  • The Minister’s compliance with the disclosure requirements of the NSW Ministerial Code of Conduct during the relevant periods;
  • Whether or not the Minister, in his current or previous roles, had access to confidential information that may have benefited his personal interest; and
  • Whether or not any conflicts of interest were appropriately managed by the Minister in his current or previous roles.

Donations are a matter for the NSW Liberal Party organisation and will not be the subject of this review.

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