Updated formwork code of practice to help protect workers

Published: 26 Jun 2020

The NSW Government has today launched a new Code of Practice to provide clear and practical industry advice on how to safely work with formwork in NSW.


Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, said formwork, the preparation of temporary or permanent moulds into which concrete is poured, can be extremely dangerous if suitable safety standards are not in place.

“Formwork failures can be catastrophic and have caused hundreds of injuries in NSW, which is why it’s critical that the construction industry has clear and consistent measures that can be implemented across all worksites,” Mr Anderson said.

One of the biggest safety risks when working with formwork are falls from heights, along with being hit by falling objects.

Mr Anderson said one of the biggest changes to the code is the information around catch decks and false decks, aimed at better protecting workers by removing ambiguity from the previous code.

“The updated code will protect our workers by providing up to date advice on mitigating these risks and ensuring the right safety measures are in place.”

The draft code was developed in close consultation with industry groups, associations, union representatives and the public, to ensure that workers are kept safe and that formwork businesses can do their work efficiently.

The Formwork Code of Practice is available at www.safework.nsw.gov.au

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