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Complete this form to demonstrate you meet the eligibility criteria.  If you meet the eligibility criteria we will contact you with the information you'll need submit an application.

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Eligibility criteria

Your project must address 2 of the 3 Focus Areas.

Mandatory Focus Area - Increase awareness of mental health and reducing stigma

Under this category, your project will develop approaches to create a more positive mental health culture in the workplace.

This can be by improving mental health literacy in the workplace through using innovative approaches, for example training courses using lived experience.

Then address one of these Focus Areas:

Promote and facilitate early help-seeking

Under this category, your project will encourage individuals to seek support when they are experiencing mental health issues, for example, seeing a doctor or reaching out to a manager, friend or mental health service.

Support an individual’s recovery

Under this category, your project will support an individual’s recovery by creating greater opportunities to stay at work while they recover, or to return to work sooner if they have taken leave. 

This can be by the workplace offering support and making reasonable workplace adjustments.


Your project must address 2 of the 3 Funding Principles.

Mandatory Funding Principle - Innovative

Your project is a unique type of mental health intervention. This can include existing programs that have now been tailored to a specific workplace not previously targeted.

An example of this could be identifying a high-risk area and extending an existing program to focus on this group.

A simple way to demonstrate innovation in mental health projects is to involve people with lived experience in the scoping, design, implementation, and evaluation of your project.

Then address one of these Funding Principles:


Your project will continue to have an impact beyond the project’s nominated end date.

An example of this is how the project will continue as a ‘business as usual’ program in the workplace, beyond the end of the project.

Adoptable in workplaces

Your project is easy for workplaces to adopt, using limited resources, and can be replicated and scaled in other workplaces.

An example of this could be developing project charters, guidelines and templates which could be used by other businesses and either built on or scaled back.


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