Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy

Learn about how the NSW Government is supporting NSW employers, leaders and workers to take effective action to create mentally healthy workplaces.

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The strategy

We combined the latest research, evidence, and advice from over 100 experts to create this strategy. The results are changing workplaces and supporting workers.

Our vision is for NSW employers, leaders and workers take effective action to create mentally healthy workplaces.

In 2017 we brought together experts from academia, government, business, and people with lived experience of mental illness to create NSW’s first workplace mental health strategy.  

In 2021, in response to impacts such as COVID-19, bushfires and drought, we again drew on expert evidence and advice to update the strategy.

The strategy’s updated actions and initiatives (PDF 1.23MB) make sure NSW businesses will continue to get the mental health support they need.

Our strategy is: 

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of mentally healthy workplaces. 

  • Increasing capability of NSW employers to create mentally healthy workplaces. 

  • Improving NSW workers’ perception that their workplaces are safer and healthier. 

  • Better promoting, preserving and restoring social connections within the workplace and community. 

  • Improving productivity, due to reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism, improved recovery at work outcomes and employer cost savings. 

We will continue to build on these results. 


Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy

Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy 2022 cover

Download (PDF 3.93MB)

Strategy snapshot outlines our targets and focus areas


Download (PDF 1.9MB)

Strategy's updated actions and initiatives

Image of the PDF document called Mental Health at Work Strategy see the changes

Download (PDF 1.23MB)


Measuring capability 

We led the creation of the NSW benchmarking tool to measure the capability of NSW businesses to provide mentally healthy workplaces, and track improvements over time.  

The latest survey of the tool saw 12,000 people participate and provided a new baseline of 75,958 NSW workplaces taking effective action. 

This data has been used widely including by work health and safety regulators around Australia and bodies like the Productivity Commission. 

Read more about our research

Change through collaboration 

We have appointed passionate business leaders as Mentally Healthy Workplace ambassadors to increase mental health awareness by speaking out about their experiences and lead change in their industries.  

Our ambassadors are also working to represent employers’ managing mental health at work experiences to NSW Government Ministers. 

Raising awareness in high-risk industries 

We have partnered with high-risk industries to increase their awareness and action on workplace mental health, such as supporting the transport industry through the Healthy heads in trucks and sheds initiative.  

We also hosted SafeWork NSW’s first mental health forum for legal professionals, sharing ways to reduce risks of poor mental health at work in their industry. 

Connecting you to government  

We are making sure the voices of people who have recovered from mental illness in the workplace are heard and acted on in NSW Government, via our Recovery at Work Lived Experience Reference Group

Creating easy to use resources 

We have provided evidence-informed tools, resources and guidance to over 280,000 website visitors. 

We have helped workplaces support their teams during COVID-19 with tailored resources

We are inspiring NSW businesses to create mentally healthy workplaces by sharing video success stories about workplaces that have taken part in free mental health programs and are seeing great results. 

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