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Tips to boost the effectiveness of your Employee Assistance Program

12 September 2022 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can reduce the impact and severity of mental ill-health for workers. But research shows they can be treated as a ‘tick box’ for employers, rather than a meaningful tool for employees. Get the most value from your EAP with these tips. 

How to build a mentally healthy workplace in regional NSW

9 September 2022

We spend a third of our life at work, so making sure mental health is promoted, managed and supported in the workplace is a good place to start addressing these concerns. 

Fostering a workplace that supports young workers

8 August 2022 

Over a quarter of young Australians experienced poor mental health in 2020. With the NSW workforce being made up of more than half a million young people, supporting and preventing work-related harm to their mental health is essential. 

The hard-hitting truth behind workplace violence

10 June 2022

Workplace violence is widespread throughout Australia. With harassment, bullying or exposure to violence causing almost 40% of mental illness claims at work.

Kicking goals with Sydney FC

14 April 2022

We’ve partnered with Sydney FC to raise awareness of workplace mental health and the benefits of training and coaching.

Running on empty towards an unsafe workplace

4 April 2022

The challenges over the past few years have left many people feeling physically and mentally exhausted. What’s alarming is the impact fatigue is having on the workplace. 

Learn how to manage psychosocial hazards

22 March 2022

Register for a free information session that will break down the new SafeWork NSW Code of Practice and show you how to manage psychosocial hazards in your workplace.

Kick start your workplace wellbeing this Small Business Month

7 March 2022

With the NSW Small Business Month running throughout March, there’s no shortage of free resources and tools to help you get your business and staff back on their feet, find new opportunities and prosper.

Recovery Boost 2021 winners

9 February 2022

The Recovery Boost program provides up to $50,000 for mental health projects that encourage early help seeking, support recovery and reduce stigma. 

The competitive advantage of a mentally healthy workplace

9 February 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a national labour shortage. Championing mental health can help your business look more attractive in a job market that is hyper-competitive.

Three actions for designing mentally safe work

10 January 2022

Start the new year with employee wellbeing as a key priority by taking these three easy actions to make your work environment productive and mentally safe.

Managing end-of-year work stress

8 December 2021

Get tips to support your staff to stay mentally healthy during the busy holiday period.

A mentally healthy return to work

10 November 2021

As NSW opens up following a lengthy lockdown, the new challenge for businesses and employees is how to transition back into the workplace safely.

Getting on track to a mentally healthy workplace

7 October 2021

October is mental health month and a great opportunity to focus on making your workplace more mentally healthy. The Workplace Pulse Check will help you get started. 

Meet our Recovery at Work reference group

23 July 2021

Our Recovery at Work reference group brings together industry experts and people with lived experience to develop the best possible mental health programs and resources. Learn more about the team and their work.

Funding solutions for better workplace mental health

23 December 2020

Over the past three years, the Recovery Boost program has invested more than $500,000 to help a range of businesses roll out exciting mental health projects in their workplace. Learn more about the grant-winning projects.

Our ambassadors in action

1 October 2020

Our Mental Health at Work ambassadors met with NSW Government leaders to discuss ways to improve workplace mental health. They talked about current approaches, the barriers faced and strategies to drive change.

Innovation through collaboration

9 September 2020

The Recover Together Hack Day brought together experts to share ideas and improve mental health recovery at work. They developed solutions to promote early help-seeking, support recovery and increase awareness.

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