Aeon by Lz Dunn for Liveworks Festival

Published 8th September, 2017 in Concert or Performance
  • Location

    245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015, Australia

  • Date

    19th October 2017 to 22nd October 2017

  • Time

    All Day

Since the 1980s computers have modelled the way birds flock, identifying three simple rules that govern their movement: separation, alignment and cohesion. Taking place in Sydney’s vast outdoor spaces, where the social and natural worlds merge and collide, Aeon is a listening tour, a physical journey, and an experiment in group dynamics. Premiering to acclaim at Dance Massive (Melbourne, March 2017), Aeon takes its audiences on an extended walk set to a mesmeric score by acclaimed Brisbane composer Lawrence English. Drawing on scientific studies of bird flocking and ideas of queer ecology, Aeon invites you into a communal yet deeply personal experience and asks you to consider a new relationship to nature, and to each other. This subtle yet powerful performance creates a temporary community that awakens the imagination and gifts you with the soaring sensation of flight.

Published 8th September, 2017 in Concert or Performance