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Alan Baker Art Gallery - Drawing Life Exhibition

Published 24th May, 2019 in Exhibition and Shows
  • Location

    37 John Street Macaria, Camden, NSW, 2570, Australia

  • Date

    20th June 2019

  • Time

    11:00am to 4:00pm

Alan Baker Art Gallery will present its first feature exhibition from Thursday 11 April, bringing to life 20th century, previously unseen drawings by Baker.

The exhibition, Drawing Life, will also feature artwork from the local artist’s contemporaries alongside a display of visitor works inspired by Baker.

To celebrate Drawing Life, the Art Gallery will host a monthly Life Drawing Club, facilitated by an experienced figure drawing teacher. It will provide a social space for people of all skill levels to participate in evening classes with professional guidance, light refreshments and collaborative learning.

The exhibition will be open until Sunday 28 July.

Opening Hours:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Published 24th May, 2019 in Exhibition and Shows

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