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Australia's Vanishing Frogs

Published 24th May, 2019 in Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks, Community Event
  • Location

    Olney NSW 2325

  • Date

    18th October 2019 to 20th October 2019

  • Time

    See event website

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On this Earthwatch Expedition, you’ll explore Australia’s mountain rainforests to better understand the fate of Australia’s frogs, and why some frog species survive while others disappear. During your week here you will collect data that will help scientists understand how frog populations might cope or flounder as they encounter infection by the Chytrid fungus.

Working primarily at night, when frogs are most active, you’ll walk in and around streams and creeks using a spotlight to find, catch, weigh, measure, release frogs and tadpoles and document the results. You will observe their behaviour, record their calls, and record the findings as you work together as a field research team.

In the past, Earthwatch participants have contributed to the exciting discovery of four new species of frog and have identified both healthy and struggling frog populations. Teams are now needed to find out why some frogs are dying while others are flourishing.

The rainforests of Australia’s mountains are home to an amazing variety of wildlife, and you’ll be sure to see an array of interesting creatures on your night-time excursions. In your spare time you can search for birds, possums, and kangaroos as well as take a walk through the rainforest.

Event Location

Olney NSW 2325

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Published 24th May, 2019 in Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks, Community Event
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