Beechwood Billycart Classic

Published 1st September, 2017 in Community Event
  • Location

    735 Beechwood Road, Beechwood, NSW, 2446, Australia

  • Date

    15th October 2017

  • Time

    All Day

The Beechwood Billycart Classic is a great fun day for both adults and kids. The billycart races cater for 100 kilometres per hour speedsters racing down Mt Pappinbarra, veterans and kids’ races, set in the relaxed village atmosphere of Beechwood. Besides the billycart races, there are stalls, horse rides, jumping castle, barbeques, and of course the hospitality of the Beechwood Hotel. Started in 1980, the five kilometre adult course attracts entries from far and wide, with the top racers exceeding 100 kilometres per hour! Since there are a couple of small uphill sections, billycarts for the Classic are unique in the world, in that they are two-person. One does the driving, whilst the other – the ‘Co-Driver’ – needs a fit pair of legs to keep the power up when gravity’s working against them. Children do a much shorter downhill-only course down the main street of Beechwood, but since its only a gentle decline, they use a ‘Co-Driver’ too!

Published 1st September, 2017 in Community Event