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Blackie Blackie Brown: The Traditional Owner of Death by Nakkiah Lui

Published 6th December, 2017 in Concert or Performance
  • Location

    Pier 4, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, NSW, 2000, Australia

  • Date

    12th May 2018 to 30th June 2018

  • Time

    All Day

Somewhere in the Australian bush, mild-mannered archaeologist Dr Jacqueline Brown is conducting a survey on a site intended for the new factory of a shadowy corporation. She’s under pressure to provide the all-clear, but when her dig uncovers a mass grave, she picks up a skull and is immediately over-powered by the spirit of her Aboriginal great-great grandmother. Blackie Blackie Brown, cold-blooded vigilante, is born. In a no-holds-barred gore-fest, she’s going to kill all the descendants of the men who massacred her ancestors. White people, watch out. You could be one of them. Paying homage to blaxploitation movies, Blackie Blackie Brown features the work of Barkindji, Birri-Gubba illustrator Emily Johnson and animations by visual effects whiz-kids Oh Yeah Wow.

Published 6th December, 2017 in Concert or Performance
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