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British India - Midnight Homie Tour

Published 20th March, 2018 in Concert or Performance
  • Location

    170 Pioneer Road, Fairy Meadow, NSW, 2519, Australia

  • Date

    No upcoming dates

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British India emerged from the Melbourne underground scene in 2007 to become one of Australia's most successful independent rock acts in recent times. With four Top 10 albums to their credit the band show no signs of slowing down with their new album 'Forgetting The Future' Liberation /Anti Fragile 2017. The way Declan Melia tells it, British India had to destroy their world in order to live in it. After five successful albums, the Melbourne four-piece found themselves at a crossroads. They could continue to explore the afternoon guitar contemplations of 2015's Nothing Touches Me, which debuted, as with their previous three albums, in the Top 5 of the ARIA Albums Chart. Or they could blow it all up and start from nought.

Published 20th March, 2018 in Concert or Performance
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