Carnivale Italiano

Published 18th October, 2016 in Festivals and Celebrations
  • Location

    Pacific Highway, Woodburn, NSW, 2472, Australia

  • Date

    8th April 2018

  • Time

    All Day

*** Latest event details are yet to be confirmed *** Celebrate the area's rich history of Italian settlement at the Carnivale Italiano, a celebration of all things Italian. The descendants of New Italy will celebrate the anniversary of fifty Italian families who immigrated to Australia in April 1881. The knowledge that has passed down through the generations has seeped into the Australian psyche - the love of fresh Italian food, Italian wine and Italian music. Carnivale Italiano is a day to immerse in this culture. The day commemorates the original immigrants who settled at New Italy. These Venetians, mostly contadini - tillers of the soil - fulfilled a desire to escape the harshness of their homeland to sail to paradise. What took place was anything but that and this story is now part of the historical makeup of the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Come celebrate!

Published 18th October, 2016 in Festivals and Celebrations