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Diego Bonetto Oberon Mushroom Foraging Workshop

Published 12th February, 2019 in Food and Wine
  • Location

    Oberon, NSW, 2787, Australia

  • Date

    14th April 2019

  • Time

    All Day

Join environmental educator and wild food advocate Diego Bonetto on an edible adventure through the forests around Oberon. The renowned forager will share his knowledge of how to identify, harvest and cook wild mushrooms. You will meet at a secret location at 10am, where will learn about the How, What, Where and When of harvesting pine mushrooms. You will focus on the two most desirable species which are Saffron milk caps and Slippery jacks. You will then have the opportunity to taste these delectable forest fungi when Diego cooks some up. His simple process of frying with oil and garlic will be a tasty treat served on artisan bread with fresh parsley. Yum! This is a skill for life and once you have learned how to forage you will be able to go back into the forest on your own or with friends to harvest mushrooms for you and your family. Foraging for your food is the oldest of skills. It is the way modern humans, can relate directly to other species and embrace the forgotten cultural practices passed on from elders to youngsters, since forever.

Published 12th February, 2019 in Food and Wine

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