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Fox Superflow Championships sealed by Stan's - Jolly Nose

Published 24th May, 2019 in Sporting Events
  • Location

    Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444, Australia

  • Date

    14th July 2019

  • Time

    8:00am to 4:00pm

No start order, no worries!

The Fox Superflow events are ideal for those who are keen to take on an endurance challenge of a different kind! Riders of all ages and many different XC or gravity backgrounds race on 'super-flowy' singletrails for fun or are hunting down those seconds for the win.

How it works - within a set timing window you complete a set of timed race stages, which are predominantly downhill - the faster you go, the more challenging it gets! No big jumps or drop-offs though and you ride to the starts un-timed - at your pace! Spend all day together, whatever category you're in - perfect for families, groups of mates and couples of different ages and riding preferences!

This is the Championship event at one of the newest Fox Superflow venues - the new Jolly Nose MTB Park in Port Macquarie. The race tracks will feature some of the local riders' most popular trail sections surrounding a picturesque event centre! Bring the whole family for the perfect riding and racing weekend getaway close to Port Macquarie's pretty beaches and beautiful surrounds.

Published 24th May, 2019 in Sporting Events

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