Gabrielle Jones: I Wanna Be Adored Too

Published 16th February, 2018 in Exhibition and Shows
  • Location

    357 New South Head Road, Double Bay, NSW, 2028, Australia

  • Date

    20th March 2018 to 26th March 2018

  • Time

    All Day

'I Wanna Be Adored Too' is inspired by the art Gabrielle Jones was seeing in trips to India, Italy and France in 2017 - particularly religious art and that from the Baroque and Rocco eras. Its form reflects the busy nature of contemporary life and movement in travel and music; the lushness and beauty of the surfaces, colours, textures and the spiritually emotive effect of the painting traditions she was seeing daily. She began to reflect on the importance and prevalence of deities in the Canonical art of different cultures, the role of veneration, education and inspiration that such subjects played in the past; and how the grandeur of such subjects contrast with those in contemporary art and a culture where the self (or selfie) is paramount. She drew the connection between the historically depicted abstract entities such as Gods with the process of creativity itself. As an abstract painter she is expressing the otherness or sensory elements of a subject in her paintings, as well as the out of body, timeless and spaceless experiences she encounters when making these paintings.

Published 16th February, 2018 in Exhibition and Shows