Grapest 5K Run... sip happens! Hunter Valley

Published 3rd December, 2016 in Food and Wine, Sporting Events
  • Location

    469 Lovedale Road Domaine de Binet, Lovedale, NSW, 2325, Australia

  • Date

    5th May 2018

  • Time

    All Day

You've never run a race quiet like this one! The latest and 'Grapest' Fun Run to hit Australia is the Grapest 5K Run... sip happens! They’re going to take you on an outdoor evening adventure - a fun run with a cork-stopping twist. Imagine running through the vineyards and trails of some of the most exquisite wine regions in Australia at dusk - a five kilometre or 10 kilometre sunset run - followed by a one kilometre wine tasting walk! One kilometre, four wine tasting stations, eight beautiful wines. It is just long enough to get the heart rate up if that’s your thing, short enough to suit the more laid-back adventurer, and just right for everyone! Whether you’re a running enthusiast, a lover of fine wines, or just love a great time out, the Grapest 5K Run is a race like no other. Whatever you prefer, you will never have another experience like the Grapest 5K Run! And then it's a party - stay as the sun sets - play, take a tour, kick back, and have a blast with live band, 'Hurricane Fall'.

Published 3rd December, 2016 in Food and Wine, Sporting Events