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Holistic Health Kombucha Course

Published 25th April, 2018 in Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks
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    29 Altmeier Lane, Splitters Creek, NSW, 2640, Australia

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Holistic Health - Naturally invites you into the wonderful world of brewing Kombucha. But what's Kombucha? In short, Kombucha is a probiotic-rich drink made from fermented black or green tea. Other than tasting wonderfully fizzy and refreshing, Kombucha is incredibly healing for your gut! The micro-biota contained in Kombucha works within your body to restore a balanced natural ecosystem for beneficial bacteria to thrive. It has a unique, delicious taste, and can be brewed at home for the whole family to enjoy. Kombucha provides an array of health benefits such as a healthy gut flora, higher immunity, improved mood, increased energy, better digestion, improved skin conditions (e.g. acne, eczema or psoriasis) and stronger hair and nails. Each course participant is provided with a full Kombucha Starter Kit and everything needed to immediately commence brewing at home. the one and a half course package includes: Kombucha recipes; choosing your tea type; brewing demonstration and tips; flavouring techniques; SCOBY hacks and uses; using the right equipment, bonus recipes for health and beauty. Bookings essential.

Published 25th April, 2018 in Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks

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