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Jervis Bay Lions Club White Sands Festival

Published 18th October, 2016 in Festivals and Celebrations
  • Location

    Kiola Street, Huskisson, NSW, 2540, Australia

  • Date

    15th April 2017 to 31st March 2018

  • Time

    All Day

The White Sands Festival is held on the Sports Ground at Huskisson by beautiful Jervis Bay and is a large market event with over 100 stalls, plus entertainment all day and various interesting and exciting exhibits. These exhibits include vintage, hot rod and display cars together with bikes, vintage machinery, and power boats. They also have a motor bike group offering rides around the area on their trike bikes. If you have a hankering for a bike ride with all the excitement of the wind in your hair, but not the worry of falling off, these are the rides for you! On stage there are local and out-of-town groups who sing, perform and play for your entertainment as well as amassed Scottish Bands marching and playing on and around the large field. Preceding the events at the sports ground there is a large and noisy parade that starts in town (Huskisson) at 10.30 am and passes down the main street with marching groups, bands, floats and community groups to take you up to the main event. They have been running the White Sands Festival for over twenty years now, come along and find out just how good it is!

Published 18th October, 2016 in Festivals and Celebrations