Neon Summer - A contemporary art exhibition

Published 4th January, 2018 in Exhibition and Shows
  • Location

    Corner of Clarence and Hay Streets, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444, Australia

  • Date

    29th December 2017 to 4th February 2018

  • Time

    All Day

Features splendid work by internationally recognised contemporary artists. Troy Emery explores relationships with animals in his colourful ‘fake taxidermy’ sculptures. They seem playful however there is a deeper side. Exploring the tension between decoration, representation in his dislocated animal forms and history of humans relationship with animals. Reuben Paterson creates magnificent paintings with glitter and diamond dust. Works are inspired by the modernist tradition of pattern and form. The seductive and reflective surface of his works are magical. Kate Rohde creates an enchanted world of magic in her vivid installations. Inspired by the highly decorative and embellished French Baroque period. Her work transforms the ordinary as she creates exquisite objects with transparent and brilliantly coloured resin. Simone Rosenbauer captures the essence of summer in her photographic series. The humble ice block is her muse, she captures the ephemeral of nature of fleeting moments, fond memories, love and loss in these affectionate portraits. JP Willis’ vivid works are reminiscent of fairground colours, childhood holidays, bright sunshine and on closer inspection the mandalas reveal a darker side. The designs are created from machetes, AK47 assault rifles and MIG jet planes that transcend brutalism of function to celebrate the raw beauty geometric shape.

Published 4th January, 2018 in Exhibition and Shows