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Published 24th May, 2019 in Food and Wine
  • Location

    90 Macquarie Street, Dubbo, NSW, 2830, Australia

  • Date

    20th September 2019

  • Time

    6:00pm to 10:30pm

The Australian underworld crime figure, Kate Leigh (of Underbelly: Razor fame) hailed from Dubbo NSW. She was known for her illegal trade of alcohol and her legendary greed for wealth.

This event will transport you back to the 1920's, to a secret / Speakeasy bar at Old Dubbo Gaol. Food, wine and liquor will be abundant but only the secret code will unlock the onsite secret bar and the weekend trail of distilleries, bars and treasures of the western region.

This event is the second event in the Seven Deadly Sins series (go to their website for their Gluttony event).

Published 24th May, 2019 in Food and Wine

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